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All of your images are ready for your preview. To view and save your favorite photos, please follow the steps listed below.

Step One: Create an account on by selecting "login" at the bottom of the page, this will ensure that your favorite images will be saved.

Step Two: View/Select your favorite images! To save your favorites to a "Favorites Folder", simply click on the heart shown on the top of the image on a desktop computer, or, at the bottom left corner of the image on your mobile device.

Step Three: Once you have finalized your selections, click on your favorite folder shown on the top left corner of your desktop screen. You can then either text me and let me know your favorites have been selected, or you can select the "share with photographer" option. I will then apply the final edits to your favorite images and upload them to a separate gallery called "Final Selections".

All of the proofs will be available to you in a small resolution with my logo on the bottom right corner. Your Top Selections will be available for download in full resolution with no logo shown on the image.

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