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All of the images for the Menagerie Dance Program are shown within this group. We recommend creating an account on so you can save your favorite images to a "favorites folder" within your account. If you do not have an account your favorites folder will be lost.
To view your images click on the gallery you would like to open. The individual portraits are listed alphabetically within the Portraits gallery. The class group photos are shown in the Group Photos Gallery. Once we have completed the recital images, the class group photos will be moved to their respective named gallery along with the dance rehearsal photos for that class as well. Please be sure to use your sitting fee deposit certificate code at checkout. If you did not receive your code please check your spam and junk file folders for the email. There is a short video explaining the ordering process in the gallery named "Purchasing Prints and Digital Downloads".

Purchasing Prints and Digital Downloads

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Sitting Fee

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Sitting Fee

2018-Wauconda Spring Recital

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2019-Wauconda Spring Recital

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